Aircraft Performance Products

Aircraft Performance

Navtech TODC (Take-Off Data Calculation)

We provide customized take-off & landing performance solutions for desktop PCs, laptops/tablets, mobile phones, pocket PCs, EFB screens and ACARS.

Our performance software, TODC, is primarily based on the certified manufacturer performance data (SCAP). The TODC system offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality where various platform options are available to enable an easy and affordable transition from one option to another. We support everything from a paper-based product to a full e-solution.

We have partnered with BAE Systems and Fokker Services in conjunction with our TODC product. BAE Systems Regional Aircraft provided operators of its aircraft with TODC, along with charts and navigation data. Fokker Services allows us to use its SCAP data in our TODC product.

Navtech AODB (Airport Obstacle Database)

Navtech's EU OPS and FAA compliant database is based on AIP publications. Full NOTAM surveillance service is included. Additional airports can be added at any time via our Internet download portal.

Engine Failure and Climb Out Procedures

Your company regulations, aircraft types and minimum requirements will be used for the calculation of safe and optimized procedures which also cover engine failure during a SID climb. The Engine Failure and Climb Out Procedures are available as an integrated part of our AODB product. Procedure presentation is available on the performance table, SID chart (a Navtech Charts subscription is required), or in the FMS database (a Navtech Navigation Data subscription is required).


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