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Navtech provides state of the art applications to help airlines achieve their EFB vision and business case. These applications are supported across multiple OS platforms and hardware platforms, from integrated MS Windows-based embedded EFBs to the Apple iPad and other tablets.



Navtech customers are now flying over 700 aircraft using EFBs with various Navtech product applications. Navtech works with most EFB hardware and software providers, communications and connectivity providers and integrators. Our EFB components include:

Performance Calculations

Run Navtech's aircraft performance software on your EFB and get customized take-off and landing performance solutions based on the certified manufacturer performance data (SCAP and AHM).  Information based on company policies and aircraft specifications is used to tailor and optimize the output.  Navtech's performance software includes Take-off, Landing and Weight & Balance calculations.

More information can be found at: Performance Calculations


Navtech provides the same best-in-class charts content found on our paper charts in an electronic format for use on EFBs and other devices.  This electronic charts content encompasses all aeronautical charts, from terminal charts and Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) through data-driven seamless enroute charts. 

These applications and content can be used stand-alone or easily integrated into a more complicated EFB solution.  We have many customers with approval to operate paperless from a charts perspective on a wide variety of EFB platforms and systems, from iPad through installed EFBs.  Navtech provides electronic charts applications on Windows platforms (eCharts and eCharts Enroute) as well as iOS platforms (iCharts).


eCharts Enroute


Navtech Charts Overview   

Navtech customer euroAtlantic airways YouTube video about their EFB solution.

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