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Navtech iCharts is an application that brings Navtech electronic charts to your iPad.  This allows the iPad to be used as a Class 1 EFB, or with regulatory and operational approval, as a Class 2 Type B device.  Navtech has worked with customers to achieve operational approval of the iPad as a Class 2 device. 

Navtech iCharts Features

  • full-screen view that maximizes use of the entire iPad screen area
  • one-finger swipe left or right takes you to the previous or next plate
  • overview provides thumbnails and key information for quick selection of plates
  • fine detail of vector graphics plates (PDF) is preserved when zoomed in
  • screen can be dimmed for use of the device in low-light environments
  • create your own trip-kit of plates
  • manual pages are sortable for easy, on-the-go access
  • annotate plates by simply drawing with your finger tip
  • menu and quick-navigation lets you browse through all pages of the current booklet
  • view, search and bookmark documents
  • keyword-search your entire route documentation
  • view electronic checklists (engine start, after start, taxi, line-up, etc.)

EFB Mounting Hardware Solution for iPad

Navtech has partnered with Fokker Services to provide commercial aviation’s first affordable hardware and mounting solution for EFB  technology designed for the Apple iPad.

The Navtech iCharts and Fokker solution has been approved by the Swedish CAA, therefore a path for obtaining approval of the solution has prepared the way for approval with other authorities. It requires no expensive ICT infrastructure and has a power reserve of up to eight hours. Further, easy installation on flight decks makes introduction within an entire fleet possible within weeks at a tenth of the cost per aircraft!

Available now for Fokker, Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Download Navtech's iCharts Product Sheet:

Letter-Size PDF

A4-Size PDF

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