Navtech eCharts


Navtech eCharts is the newest version of our electronic chart viewers.

Navtech eCharts are available on three platforms:

eCharts Office - desktop- based application for office use
eCharts Flight - electronic flight bag application for the flight deck
eCharts Web - web-based  application for pilot briefing purposes


  • improved touch screen GUI for both flight deck and office use

  • crosstalk functionality between connected flight deck units

  • enhanced search functionality in active pages, full content or selected parts of the manual

  • upgraded PDF- viewer

  • enabled overlay buttons for the flight deck GUI and assignment to hardware Bezel Keys

  • improved night mode visualization

  • easier navigation with a clipboard that has multiple tabs (DEP, DEST, ALTN, MISC)

  • multiple population options for the clipboard (automation, manual or drag and drop)


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Download Navtech's eCharts Product Sheet:

Letter-Size PDF

A4-Size PDF

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