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Navtech offers robust and fully transparent systems designed and implemented for airlines and their crewmembers. Our team of product managers, account managers, developers and quality assurance specialists ensure that each airline receives a fully-functional system that meets each airline's crewing requirements while giving crewmembers a schedule that meets and often exceeds their quality of life expectations. Over 40,000 airline professionals use Navtech software each month to build pairings, create and bid for schedules.

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Navtech PBS

Pairing Optimizer

Our bidding system builds both flying and reserve schedules. Navtech PBS scheduling is transparent as users and Administrators are given a complete overview of how each schedule was built.
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Our pairing optimizer builds fully operational, optimized crew pairings. Crew Planners can view the progress of a run and adjust settings while pairings are being built.
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IBRThe Navtech - IBR SAFTE-FAST fatigue assessment system for FRMS can help an airline identify and develop their ideal balance between airline efficiency and a fully rested aircrew. An approved FRMS, supported by modeling and empirical data, can be used to justify exceptions to specific flight and duty time limitations, which can increase operational flexibility. Together with Navtech’s Crew Planning system, or as a standalone system, the IBR SAFTE-FAST FRMS modeling tool allows users to compare multiple scenarios and analyze them for fatigue.  The interactive interface tool highlights potential fatigue factors for proactive mitigation. For more information visit

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