Navtech Pairing Optimizer

Pairing Optimizer

Our Pairing Optimizer is a fully-configurable desktop application that is customizable for each airline. Our team works directly with each airline to get the best results possible. Full training and documentation is provided.

The Pairing Optimizer produces crew pairings covering a scheduling period of a week, month, or even a full season of more than half a year.


Pairing Optimizer features:

  • Generated pairings satisfy all governmental,  industry and company policies, and individual scheduler constraints-whether compulsory or discretionary
  • Large-scale optimization engine ensures complete solutions that best meet the objectives of low cost, robustness, and operationally desirable trips
  • Optimization is performed using an incorporated Mixed Integer Linear Program (LP Solve) that uses the Branch-and-bound algorithm
  • LP Solve can handle integer variables, semi-continuous variables and special Order Sets with no limit on the model size
  • Airlines can define a cost for each rule, constraint, preference and element-optimization must then find the lowest "cost" solution
  • The optimizer can focus on any element or mixture of elements, not just the lowest financial expense as defined by the Administrators

Navtech Optimizer is highly customized for each airline. Before the program is installed, a wide range of possible airline-specific options may be selected, including:

  • Input and output data formats
  • Rules and parameters
  • Additional reports
  • Documentation
  • Extensive user training

Download Navtech's Crew Planning Product Sheet:

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