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DispatchExpress offers a comprehensive, internet-based crew briefing system for any size operation, offering savings by reducing communications costs. With DispatchExpress, airlines may streamline and standardize the process of providing necessary flight paperwork to crew members, allow crew members to request up-to-the-minute weather and other operational updates, and reduce the costs typically associated with the distribution of this data by bypassing proprietary third-party networks.

Navtech DispatchExpress offers the following features:

  • Sophisticated Messaging Capabilities including integration with SITA, AEINC, fax and email

  • Automated briefings through the use of templates and timed messages

  • Weather graphics and charts in high quality, full color or black and white, all print ready

  • Text weather and world-wide NOTAMS coverage with complete access to METARS, TAFs, SIGMETS, and PIREPS

  • NOTAM Database Management Tools

  • Password-protected access through the Internet

Download Navtech's Flight Planning Product Sheet:

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A4-Size PDF

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