Navtech Flight Plan (NFP)

airport/plane Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) provides complete control over managing mission critical resources. An updated browser-based user interface allows the user to take advantage of our dynamic route construction functionality and optimization capabilities.

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Navtech Flight Plan offers the following features:

  • World-wide route construction and optimization:
    The dynamic route construction functionality built into Navtech Flight Plan was developed to aid dispatchers with the never-ending job of constructing routes. Navtech Flight Plan, with its advanced route construction tools, is the natural choice for creating routes in complicated airspace such as Europe - where route restrictions are increasing in numbers and complexity. Navtech Flight Plan calculates and presents optimized routes between any given airport pair taking into consideration RAD, CRAM and other AIP regulatory restrictions.

  • Sophisticated fuel burn calculations optimized for least cost, least time, or least fuel

  • Includes support for FAA preferred routing schemes

  • Supports free flight, HAR routings, and adheres to route restrictions

  • Advanced ETOPS and terrain avoidance features

  • Access to US NWS, UK MET or historical winds

  • Airline specific databases provide users control of their own data

  • Integrated weather (graphical and textual) and NOTAMs; Forecasted meteorological data in Navtech Flight Plan is available directly from the NWS and the UK Met Office. NOTAMs are received on a worldwide basis from various sources, including the US NOTAM Office, Canadian NOTAM Office, and from EAD- Eurocontrol. World-wide mapping

  • Seamless integration with most common crew management, operations control, scheduling and maintenance applications


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