Navtech Databases


Navtech Navigation Data is available on a wide variety of media and formats, as appropriate to the target application, based on the industry standard ARINC 424 specification.



Our databases are used for flight management systems, ground positioning systems, aircraft simulators, flight management systems simulators, airspace modeling, and air traffic systems for customers world-wide. Data may be tailored for specific customer requirements, including company route data and custom procedures.

Systems currently supported include:
Canadian Marconi Company
Universal Avionics
GE Aviation/Collins
GE Aviation Systems (US& UK)
Thales Avionics - RNAV2
Thales Information Systems

Navtech's processed FMS databases are available for a wide variety of aircraft, from helicopters to light aircraft, business jets and wide-body jets. We are also able to support the latest generation of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

Download Navtech's Navigation Data Product Sheet:

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