About Us

We are a leading international provider of flight operations software for the commercial aviation industry, which we develop, market, and support. Our systems are designed to assist commercial passenger and cargo air carriers to increase safety, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs in their daily flight operations.

Our dispatch solutions provide advanced aeronautical charts, navigational data, and optimized flight paths and ensure compliance with complex national and international safety regulations. Our crew planning software builds and manages schedules that minimize costs and increase employee satisfaction and retention while complying with collective agreements and government regulations.

Our success in providing technology-based productivity solutions is rooted in four factors:

  • Our skilled and experienced technical and flight operations workforce, who combine expert knowledge of both aviation and software development
  • Our highly-regarded technical and operations support team, who provide customer service on a round-the-clock basis
  • Our broad customer base, which consists of charter, cargo, and scheduled passenger carriers that operate in all geographic regions of the world, and includes some of the most successful small, medium, and large airlines
  • Our reputation as an entrepreneurial organization capable of partnering with our customers and meeting their evolving needs, which allows them to effectively compete in their marketplace



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