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Navtech's origins go back to mid-1980s when an Air Canada pilot had an idea to use a computer system to calculate the benefits of tankering fuel.  With encouragement from several Canadian airlines, his concept expanded to include a computerized flight planning system. His wife, a self-taught software engineer, came onboard with a skeleton staff to develop this technology.  They began working in their garage in a small town about 40 km outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Over the next few years, Navtech added several customers and were the first to introduce a hosted implementation of computerized flight planning. This implementation allowed customers to communicate remotely with Navtech computers to request and generate a flight plan.  Navtech merged with Compuflight, a flight operations services provider based in Long Island, New York, in 1994 to expand its flight planning market share and to introduce runway analysis service to its customers. 

Navtech further augmented its flight operations service portfolio in 1998 when it acquired the Weather Service Division of Global Weather Dynamics Inc. (GWDI) which was based in Monterey, California. In 1999 Navtech acquired Skyplan's UK division to accelerate its growth in the European market.

The next five years saw Navtech expand its product portfolio to include crew planning with the acquisition of Airware Solutions (Preferential Bidding System) in 2001. And a partnership was created with Parallel Integrated Applications Systems to offer airlines its Pairings Optimizer.

In 2005, Navtech completed its most significant acquisition when it purchased European Aeronautical Group (EAG) to form the present day Navtech .




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