Our Airline Solutions

Navtech's solutions focus on providing our customers with better tools and technology to enhance the efficiency and productivity of existing resources.

Our primary focus is on air carriers that operate modern aircraft with fleet sizes greater than 5 aircraft. Our primary geographical markets are North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region; these segments of the airline market are more progressive with respect to information technology, outsourcing and cost reduction. We currently have a broad customer base of over 350 airlines worldwide. No one customer represented more than 10% of our total revenues for the last fiscal year.

We communicate with our customers regularly, through account managers, technical support, user group meetings, and our Customer Advisory Group. These communications help us to determine the latest requirements of airline operations departments and allow us to focus the development of our products to better support our customers' needs. Navtech is committed to continuing research and product development in partnership with our customers.

Over the past three years, Navtech invested heavily in development resulting in state of the art products including--aircraft performance, charts, crew planning, and flight planning systems. And, our navigation data services have an established reputation for accuracy, reliability, flexibility, and dependability and draw upon one of the world's largest aeronautical databases to support a wide range of electronic navigation needs.

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