Navtech is forging a path of continued success in quality.  With safety at the center of our Quality System we have built and installed a quality model based on the highest standards. As such, our Quality Team led by Erin Appleby, works intimately with Production and Product Design to create a suite of tools that provide our customers with enhanced safety and profitability in their operations.

Together our teams are working to surpass current principles with even more advanced internationally accepted standards. We conform to the current AS9100 standard and have adopted ED-76 principles for our applicable production processes. Please feel free to contact us for details on our current certifications.

Quality Policy

Navtech is committed to providing our customers the highest quality products and customer service as detailed by the Executive Team and evaluated at monthly Quality Management Reviews. Navtech places great emphasis on continually improving its processes and products to exceed customer requirements. Navtech adopts the principles of  %u2018Process Management' and has a culture of continuous improvement within the organization to meet  the objectives detailed in our adopted AS9100 aeronautical standard.


What is the history of Navtech Navigation Data?

In 1956 an advertisement appeared in Flight depicting "The Decca Navigator". Based on technology developed over the previous 15 years this was a %u2018moving map display' from which all FMS capability was designed. more...

How does Navtech Navigation Data meet IOSA requirements?

IOSA auditors require a demonstration of a verifiable source of information to feed the FMS. EU OPS and FAR also require that data comes from an authentic source and that the information is traceable, accurate and current. more...

How does Navtech Navigation Data meet EU OPS 1.873 requirements?

Operators are required to use data which is provided by a supplier holding a Letter of Acceptance Type 2. Type 2 suppliers pack data into formats which conform to the proprietary requirements of their FMS equipment.  more...



FOCUS 92 article - October 2013

Navtech's Certificates:


EASA Letter of Acceptance


Quality Contact:

April Zehr                  
Director, Quality and Standards
1 519 747 1170x232

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