Navtech PBS

Navtech's PBS system consists of two applications: PBS Scheduler and PBS Bidder. The PBS Scheduler and PBS Bidder work together to create a pairing and reserve schedule that satisfies management's coverage needs and the flying preferences of crewmembers.

Web PBS Bidder

Navtech Web PBS Bidder

The Web PBS Bidder is a web-based program used by crewmembers to enter their bid preferences. Its interface was designed to lead crewmembers through the bidding process logically.  Learn more.

Desktop PBS Bidder

Navtech Desktop PBS Bidder

Navtech Desktop PBS Bidder is an optional Windows-based application that integrates with the Web PBS Bidder that allows crewmembers to work on their bids off-line. It features an analyzing tool that shows crewmembers how certain bids affect their pool of available pairings. Learn more.

PBS Scheduler

Navtech PBS Scheduler

The PBS Scheduler is the engine that builds each crewmember's flying or reserve schedule. Administrators can complete multiple runs quickly and compare results to ensure they are achieving coverage requirements while satisfying crewmember's preferences. Learn more.

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