Aircraft Performance

Customer Support for Navtech's TODC and Airport Obstacle Database is provided from Navtech's office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Customer Support - Stockholm
tel: +46 8 797 2040
fax: +46 8 797 2360

For H24 download of new airports and databases visit the ADR portal.

Customer Support for Navtech's V1Plus is provided from Navtech's headquarters in Waterloo, Canada. Support includes assistance with Runway Analysis.

Customer Support - Waterloo
tel: +1 519 747 0616
fax: +1 519 747 1827
email: or

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A support representative is available 24x7x365. When you report an issue, you are provided with a unique tracking number, your issue is evaluated, and it is assigned a severity level. Work begins immediately to resolve the situation.


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