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CORS award 2012

Photo courtesy of Mikael Rönnqvist, University of Laval

Navtech received the Omond Solandt Award for excellence in operational research from the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) June 12, 2012. The award was given to (left to right in photo) Dr. Robert Gerbracht, Navtech consultant, Mr. Mike Yeo, VP Technology and Mr. Robert Mora, Crew Product Director, as the event guests of honour, during the CORS International Joint Conference in Niagara Falls, Canada. This award has not been granted since 2009 and previous winners include Maplesoft and Descartes.

From www.cors.ca: The Omond Solandt Award is awarded to an organization, private or governmental, that is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to operational research in Canada. Dr. Solandt was the founder and first chairman of the Defence Research Board (DRB). At various times in his life he headed the Science Council of Canada was a vice-chairman of Canadian National Railways (CNR), and Chancellor of the University of Toronto. A complete biography of Omond Solandt may be found in the Library of documents on this website.

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