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Brand Management

Navtech’s brand includes a family of names and graphics including:

  • the masterbrand and its logo (Navtech)
  • our tag line
  • our product line names
  • our sub-product names

Navtech's Brand Management Guide provides our partners with concise instructions on the use of our brand and also provides examples and graphics to assure continuity and consistency.

Click here to download the Navtech Brand Management Guide (Partner Version). 

Respected aeronautical products & services suite

Navtech creates a wide range of products that enable commercial passenger and cargo air carriers to increase safety, maximize efficiency, comply with complex national and international safety regulations and reduce costs in their daily flight operations.  All are designed in close cooperation with the aviation industry, resulting in ever-more relevant products and services.  With Navtech, customers get what they need, when they need it.  

Aircraft Performance

Navtech offers leading-edge EU Ops and FAA compliant Aircraft Performance systems, with flight safety and customization in the forefront. Its products allow operators to not only comply with regulatory requirements but also to maximize payload through optimized calculations. Navtech's Aircraft Performance systems, available in both office and EFB versions,  include: maximum take off and landing weight calculations;  Weight & Balance calculations; a World Wide Airport Obstacle Database; Engine Failure and Climb Out Procedures; and, Drift-Down and Decompression Procedures.


Navtech offers both traditional and electronic versions of aerodrome and enroute charts. Its new chart specification was designed using research from Human Factor specialists working closely with customers and utilizing its vast internal expertise to create an efficient, user-friendly product.

Crew Planning

Over 30,000 airline professionals use Navtech Pairing Optimizer and Navtech Preferential Bidding System (PBS) software each month to build pairings, bid for and create schedules. Its solutions are fully transparent and are designed to ensure that each airline receives a fully-functional system that meets the airline's crewing requirements, while providing a schedule that meets and often exceeds the crew's quality of life expectations.

Flight Planning

Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) provides complete control over managing mission critical resources. Its dispatch and flight planning software gives customers complete control over their flight plan to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and maximize safety. An updated, browser-based GUI allows the user to more easily take advantage of Navtech's dynamic route construction functionality and optimized fuel burns routines.

Navigation Data

Navtech's Navigation Data services draw on one of the world's largest aeronautical databases to support a wide range of electronic navigation needs.  Its services have an established reputation for accuracy, reliability, flexibility, and dependability. Navtech has been producing navigational databases for a wide variety of systems for more than 25 years and currently services more than 150 airlines. This data is updated and maintained in accordance with the 28-day AIRAC update schedule. The entire operation is supported by a comprehensive suite of data validation and relational quality assurance programs which have been built around the requirements of EUROCAE ED76/RTCA DO 200A

Created by experts in partnership with aviation professionals

Navtech is renowned for its unique culture and skill set, now even more closely aligned with the needs of the aviation industry.  Its creation of highly-successful technology-based productivity tools is supported by:

  • Its skilled and experienced technical and flight operations workforce, who combine expert knowledge of both aviation and software development
  • Its acclaimed technical and operations support team, who provide customer service on a round-the-clock basis
  • Its commitment to listening and responding to its broad customer base -- a diverse blend of charter, cargo, and scheduled passenger carriers that operate in all geographic regions of the world, and includes some of the most successful small, medium, and large airlines
  • Its entrepreneurial structure that encourages partnership with customers

The expertise of the staff is made more powerful with new empowerment that enables deep customer relationships, built for the long-run.  Navtech wins customers with its value-added products at highly competitive prices and keeps them with its superior service

A global organization with a single brand name

Navtech's legacy brands - including European Aeronautical Group - are consolidated under the Navtech umbrella name, making it easier than ever before for customers to find and partner with it.  The company is headquartered just outside Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario -- Canada's technology center.  Navtech also has locations in Stockholm and London (the offices of the former European Aeronautical Group), with satellite locations around the world.   Its virtual presence is found in the aviation-specific Web domain at  

Navtech is on the move, developing a unique and lasting position in the market by delivering an all-new level of customer support and personalized service at competitive prices.

Navtech, Inc. (, a global leader in flight operations software and tools, is recreating itself, driving to a new level of alignment with its customers in the commercial aviation industry.  Under the direction of aviation industry-veteran Mike Hulley, the processes that build Navtech's acclaimed products and services now include input at every stage of development by the company's customers -- more than 350 airline and aviation services organizations.  The company's goal is to set new benchmarks for inspired product delivery and customer service -- a commitment captured in its tag line "Inspiring Aviation."  more...


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