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Navtech has provided the market with EFB chart viewers for almost a decade. The 2010 upgrade, Navtech eCharts 1.0, with its new user interface, has been flying for a little over a year. Navtech is now in the final preparation stage for launching Navtech eCharts version 1.1 during the spring.

With Navtech eCharts version 1.1, the focus has been on making the usage and administration work easier for the customer. Version 1.1 will introduce some brand new key features:

  • Simplified software installation process

We’re predicting that this feature will be very popular, especially among operators with many tails and/or licensed users.

  • Resume Downloads

Depending on content coverage and the amount of AIRAC changes, a revision update can be quite large to download. With this new feature, users on portable devices performing updates directly against the Navtech web server, will get the ability to abort the download at any given time. Then they can resume the download, at the abort point, whenever it is convenient, rather than having to do the full process at once.

  • Add Aerodromes Online

For short-term Ad Hoc flights, an operator might face the problem that some aerodromes are not part of the subscribed content, meaning a lost business opportunity. With this new feature Navtech enables the ability to access new aerodromes, per request online, with practically no lead time.

  • Automatic Repair Kits

In the rare case that a customer manual is missing pages, the customer has had the ability to report this error in order to receive the missing files in the form of self-installing repair kits. In order to eliminate the need for human interaction,  version 1.1 facilitates this repair through an automatic process.

Navtech eCharts version 1.1 will also introduce a frequently requested feature from flight deck users. The Clipboard Quick-Add feature will allow the user to rapidly locate and select new destination plates, in the event of a late RWY change. The Clipboard Quick-Add feature will greatly reduce the workload of display interaction for the pilot in a situation where his/her focus is needed elsewhere.

Our customers will receive more information regarding Navtech eCharts version 1.1 in advance of the release, which is planned for April.

Please contact your Account Manager or email us at to learn more about Navtech’s eCharts product suite.

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