IATA Partners with Navtech

Navtech eChartsIn December of 2010, Navtech announced its partnership with IATA to sell and co-brand Navtech Flight Plan, the highly acclaimed flight planning solution, as IATA Flight Plan by Navtech. The IATA global team is now trained on Flight Plan and will be focused on enhancing Navtech’s worldwide coverage with sales and account management support in the following regions: Africa, Asia (except China), Australia, Central America, the Middle East, Russia, and South America.

IATA will be conducting a condensed version of their fuel efficiency workshop at the Navtech User Group Forum, May 10-12, 2011, in Coral Gables, FL. In addition, IATA has scheduled several fuel efficiency workshops around the globe for the 2011 calendar year. Participating airlines will exchange experiences on various fuel efficiency topics and get concrete input from the IATA experts to develop, monitor and measure the outcome towards a concrete fuel efficiency implementation target. The benefits to flight planning will be highlighted. Look for a local IATA fuel burn analysis seminar in your region.

IATA Schedule

Mumbai, India24/03/2011 – 25/03/2011

Singapore, Singapore04/08/2011 – 05/08/2011

Geneva, Switzerland07/04/2011 – 08/04/2011

Moscow, Russia12/04/2011 – 13/04/2011

Brussels, Belgium
25/08/2011 – 26/08/2011

Miami, USA26/07/2011 – 27/07/2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil or
Santiago, Chile
20/10/2011 – 21/10/2011

Amman, Jordan04/05/2011 – 05/05/2011

Casablanca, Morocco12/09/2011 – 13/09/2011

Nairobi, Kenya
15/09/2011 – 16/09/2011

Beijing, China09/08/2011 – 10/08/2011











Visit www.iata.org to learn more about the IATA Flight Plan by Navtech. A white paper describing the benefits of flight planning, including reduced fuel burn and improved CO emissions will be available on the website. There is also a computer-aided demo available which will provide a guided tour of the system.

To learn more about IATA Flight Planning by Navtech, contact your local IATA representative.

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