Navtech Flight Plan 10-5 Released

NFP 10-5Navtech Flight Plan took another step forward as NFP 10-5 was released in February 2011. Since its introduction in 2009, NFP has continued to expand its functionality with each release in response to customer requirements.  With the 10-5 release, users will find several new features that will enhance their flight planning experience.

NFP now allows users to view a list of computed revisions for the currently loaded flight plan, and then select and load the desired revision. The list of revisions also provides information on each revision: the revision number, the revision’s compute status (successful, failed or inflight revision), and the compute data for the revision. In addition, the Plan screen displays which revision is currently loaded.

The Route screen has undergone significant enhancements to make route building tasks easier and more intuitive to perform. With NFP 10-5 the user can now edit an entire generated route, or edit parts of it. It is also now possible to use an existing route as a template for a new route. This allows the user to save time entering frequently used routes or route segments.

The complete enhancement of the flight list functionality has been fully realized with the introduction of the expanded flight list. In order to reduce the amount of flipping between screens when creating a flight, the flight list now lets users add, view and edit flights without leaving the List screen. A reorganization of Map overlay options facilitates additional zoom levels, making the Map an even more useful visual aid.

Users will also notice that the status bar now includes status display on past transmissions. Clicking on the transmission count opens a pop-up window of summary information (ATC message or flight plan, scheduled or sent transmission time, and transmission status) for all report transmissions related to the loaded flight plan.

With these enhancements implemented, we have further solidified Navtech Flight Plan’s reputation as an industry-leading flight planning solution.

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