Navtech's Ongoing Commitment to Quality


Navtech continues to forge a path to success in quality. Recently, our UK facility was certified to an AS9100 standard by the UK official certifying body BSI, marking another milestone in the company’s quest for quality excellence. Navtech is the first major aviation information technology provider to earn AS9100 certification, the cornerstone of the aerospace industry’s drive to maintain continually higher standards of safety and reliability.

 “Our drive for exceptional levels of quality is in response to the needs of our customers – our partners in safety,” said Navtech CEO Mike Hulley. “Our customers must have confidence that our products and services are developed in a way that assures their reliability. AS9100 certification provides the kind of concrete assurance that goes beyond our excellent track record.”

AS9100 was established by the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) in cooperation with a variety of major aerospace organizations in 1999. Inspired by the well-known ISO9000 quality requirements, it translates these important standards for the aviation industry. It is being quickly embraced industry-wide for its ability to ensure consistently high-quality products and services while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum. 

To earn certification, all systems and processes at Navtech’s UK location, where such products as Charts and Navigational Data are produced, were subject to intensive third-party audits. Navtech is continuing the certification process for the balance of its global operations, including our Swedish and Canadian offices. Earning AS9100 Certification is part of Navtech’s larger vision for continual improvements in reliability. With safety at the center of its Quality System, Navtech has built and installed a model that embraces the highest standards. The company’s Quality Team works in tandem with Production and Product Design to create a suite of tools that provide customers with enhanced safety and profitability in their operations.

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