Crew Planning Goes Mobile

Crew on TabletNavtech is excited to announce the evolution of its crew planning web interface for smartphones and tablet computers. Recent changes to the web interface have made it more finger friendly, allowing users to easily navigate around the system. The improvements can be seen on multiple devices and operating systems, including Android-powered tablets and Apple iPads.

“Our users are some of the most mobile people in the world and they have embraced mobile computing from its beginning. Our team is always looking for ways to improve the user experience, and this is a logical step for our systems,” said Robert Mora, Director Product Management, Crew.

Navtech’s Crew Planning products are well known for their ability to balance the needs of crew with the goals of airlines. Used by airlines such as Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, CanJet, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Jazz Aviation, JetBlue and Mesa Airlines, Navtech’s crew planning products continue to evolve to capture technological innovations and the latest in technological advancement and scientific research. Navtech also actively involves and collaborates with its user community on product enhancements.

The PBS Web Bidder works seamlessly with its Scheduler counterpart to create a customized training, flying and reserve schedule that satisfies management’s operational needs and crew members’ flying preferences. The PBS Scheduler gives administrators the ability to manage all of the information pertaining to crew members and the bid period, and then balances it against important details such as the airline’s rules, the seniority of the individual crew members, details for the bid period and more. The Scheduler gives administrators access to multiple reports on crew members, pairings, and bid period information to run multiple simultaneous staffing scenarios. The results are efficient, optimized staffing solutions that meet the crews preferences for “quality of life” in a 24 by 7 work environment. The crews benefit with Navtech by having the additional features of an intuitive interface and bidding awarding logic that includes a detail audit report, both of which make for a transparent and trusted experience.

For more information on Navtech crew planning solutions, go to or consult your account manager.

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