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iCharts IconNavtech is pleased to announce the launch of our iCharts application on the Apple iTunes store. This app effectively expands support for viewing electronic aeronautical navigation charts from Windows-based EFBs and tablet devices to the popular iPad platform. The app is free and available via the iTunes App Store. Navtech iCharts is a fully-functional chart-viewing application that enables pilots and airlines subscribing to Navtech Charts to utilize the power of the iPad in their operations. The app allows individual pilots to organize their charts by creating “Favorites” and rearranging the charts in whatever order is convenient for them. Of course the app leverages the functionality of the iPad platform with full gesture support including swiping between charts, tapping to full screen, two-finger zoom, search, rotate, and touch and drag to quickly find a specific chart. In addition, Navtech has added functionality that brings substantial benefit to pilots: pilot-custom sketches and annotations on charts, an in-app brightness control that makes the iPad usable in a dark cockpit and in-app chart NOTAMs.

Navtech iCharts also simplifies operations for the commercial operator. The app allows operators to manage and distribute company manuals and documents to their iPad users. The app also has a checklist functionality enabling operators to build custom checklists and upload them to the iPads. Users are able to check for updates and synchronize content (charts, company documents, and checklists) directly from the app with just a few taps from the “Synchronize” screen.

Navtech partnered with Sweden-based cargo carrier Amapola on the development of Navtech iCharts with an eye on supporting operators’ desires to use the iPad as a Class 1 EFB, or with an approved mounting solution, approval of the iPad as a Class 2 device. Amapola is now approved with the Swedish CAA and flying their fleet of Fokker 50 aircraft with the iCharts application on iPads as Class 2 EFB devices.

“This is certainly the future in regards to Charts – not only is our crew excited about ease of use, from an administration standpoint, the manual updating process is replaced by a simple update on your iPad. It reduces hours of work and enormous amounts of paper,” said Lars Jordahn, CEO Amapola Flyg AB.

“We are very pleased to offer this new platform to our charts customers. The iPad has been widely adopted and we always want to ensure our customers reap the rewards of the latest technology,” said Lee Granger, Navtech VP, Product Management. “The Navtech iCharts app is a superior vehicle to deliver the many fantastic features of our terminal charts in an extremely cost effective manner.”

To learn more, visit www.navtech.aero or view the app at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navtech-icharts/id455732156?mt=8. If your company already subscribes to Navtech Charts and you want to try out Navtech iCharts, please contact your account manager.

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