Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) 11-3 Released

NFP ScreenshotNavtech's premium flight planning solution took another step forward when the latest version, NFP 11-3, was released this month. In response to on-going market demand, NFP's functionality has been further expanded, enhancing the user experience and productivity.

A new pilot-level user account has been developed for this latest release. A pilot-level account permits limited access to the map, information panel, list screen, reports screen and online-help files.

In order to increase the visibility of alerts, NFP 11-3 has separated the alerts into a new Alerts panel on the status bar to ensure that alert status is always displayed. In addition, a new Alerts icon is used on the Flight list and the Alerts panel to show that an alert is present. Alerts are now marked with color- and state-dependent icons to quickly categorize and identify alert status. Alerts that have been read are marked with a grey icon. Unread alerts are marked with a yellow icon, provided that there are less than ten unread alerts. If more than ten unread alerts accumulate, the Alerts icon in the Alerts panel will turn red and pulsate.

The Flight List has been enhanced to allow the user to sort flights by STD, flight number, origin, destination, ETD, ETA, aircraft, and ATC ALC. The Route screen has been updated to add a CO2 (carbon emissions) value, displayed in metric tonnes of CO2. The CO2 emissions are directly proportional to the fuel burn. The rate of combustion provides a factor for calculating the CO2 emission based on the fuel burned.

Numerous enhancements have been made to the map, making it an even more versatile informational resource. Users can now select NWS or UKM as the source of winds data. ETP and Reclear layering options have been added to view ETPs and the computed reclear route. A new Track Direction layering option allows the user to specify whether they want to display eastbound tracks, westbound tracks, or both. For increased visibility and utility, the user can now display all routes that are listed in the route summary table, and right-clicking on a computed route in the map brings up a pop-up window that displays the ATC flight plan for quick reference. The great circle arc between the origin and the destination is automatically displayed as a dashed yellow line. The map can also now be searched for airports, airways, FIRs or waypoints using the new search feature.

The user can now select multiple segments on the Route Summary table and enter a flight level in any of the selected segments. This will populate all selected segments with the flight level entered. This eliminates the redundant task of entering the same flight level multiple times. Multiple FOMS sessions from a single NFP 11-3 session can now be launched. This allows the user to open the help screen and multiple FOMS Maintenance sessions without having to close the screen that they are working on.

These and various other enhancements are already contributing to NFP’s reputation as a best in class flight planning solution. For more information on NFP or to view the new NFP video demo, go to or consult your account manager.

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