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Villa - Bleriot PosterEarlier this year we introduced Trim Tabs readers to the Navtech Aviation Poster Collection, our virtual exhibition of stunning, aviation-related works of art. We have now opened our 3rd online gallery at and here we highlight a sample poster.

Featured in this issue is the beautiful artistry of Georges Villa that pays tribute to Louis Bleriot, a French pilot and aeronautical manufacturer. Bleriot died of heart failure at 64 years (1872 – 1936) and his life’s work was well remembered and is showcased here. Bleriot is depicted amongst the clouds with his aviation inventions soaring around him like birds, one even coming so close as to take food from his hand. The poster’s heavenly atmosphere suggests Bleriot’s final destination and depicts the extent of his influence on the aviation industry.

Originally Bleriot became an Engineer and designed headlamps for automobiles. He was already fascinated by aviation when he purchased a 1905 Voisin aircraft, changing his career and life direction. As a pilot he was also innovative, winning the Northcliffe prize in 1909 for his monoplane design, the Bleriot XI, which he flew from France to England. Bleriot crashed a flight in Turkey, December 1909, derailing his flying career, but his passion grew with his aircraft business. Bleriot Aeronautique manufactured 800+ aircraft between 1909-1914 – all monoplanes – as he and his team were very loyal to the model despite the industry favoring multi-wing aircraft. Bleriot also operated a flying school during this time that hosted WWI pilots from allied nations. In 1931, Bleriot introduced the Bleriot 125 – a double fuselage airplane that in the poster swoops overhead in the upper right hand corner.

Unfortunately, the aircraft was not considered flight-worthy by the French government but it was admired for its futuristic design including passenger seating for 12. Shortly before his death Bleriot traveled to America where he predicted transatlantic passenger flights would soon become the norm. Louis Bleriot was an inventor with a passionate drive for flight and his works made a strong mark in aviation history.

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