Navtech Applauds Customers’ EFB Solutions Success

StudiesNavtech is very excited about the recent successes of two Sweden-based Navtech customers, Amapola Flyg and Malmö Aviation, with their Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions. Congratulations! Each airline was recently featured in separate case studies written by IMDC, an aviation industry market research firm.

Amapola Flyg is a cargo carrier flying a fleet of 11 Fokker 50’s. This fleet utilizes Navtech’s electronic Performance and Charts products, which were primary drivers of their EFB project begun in 2006. Amapola hoped to acquire an EFB solution without the great cost and complications larger airlines might experience, so their plan was to offer a paperless ‘green’ option that would lessen aircraft weight and result in cost savings through fuel savings and efficiency. They began by running Navtech’s ToDC Flight performance software on a handheld mobile device. In 2010, Amapola partnered with Navtech and our iCharts software, and Saab for hardware (later Fokker). Through trials, they were successful earlier this year in obtaining the first approval from the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority for a Class 2 Type B EFB certification using an iPad.

Malmö Aviation is another early adopter of EFB technology. They are a regional airline operating a fleet of 12 Avro RJ70, RJ85 and RJ100s. They have had a Class 1 EFB Performance solution for 10 years with Nokia hardware, but they were ready for a more sophisticated EFB solution. Navtech continues to provide Malmö with Aircraft Performance products as well as Charts, Flight Planning and Navigation Data and by partnering with IFS and navAero for integration and hardware, Malmö was able to take their EFB to the next level. Malmö aspired to greater operational efficiency, better crew productivity tools, and after an initial investment, cost savings for flight operations. An additional goal was to incorporate additional products and functionality into the EFB to expand its capacity. Earlier this year, navAero’s hardware device was certified by EASA and the unit will be installed in the full Malmö fleet by year’s end.

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