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Navtech Customer Jetstar Completes Record-Setting Flight

JetstarJetstar Airways, an Australian low fare airline, entered the record books on February 27, 2011 as its newly acquired A330-202 touched down in Sydney, Australia. Equipped with Navtech flight planning products, Pilots Chris Walter and Richard Hardonin flew 19 hours and 48 minutes from Toulouse, France, and into the Airbus record books for the longest flight by an A330-202. The flight passed over seven air traffic control centers and 12 emergency diversion airports.
Jetstar has subscribed to Navtech’s flight planning product DispatchPro and its DispatchExpress product since 2004, and plans to transition to Navtech’s newest flight planning software, Navtech Flight Plan in 2012.

Navtech’s sophisticated flight planning system offers Jetstar dynamic route construction combined with a comprehensive, internet-based crew briefing system. The bundle offers savings by reducing fuel consumption and communication costs as well as streamlining the process of providing flight data to crew members. Up-to-the-minute data updates including high quality weather graphics, text weather and worldwide NOTAMs are available using a swift retrieval process that also reduces typical third party costs associated with data distribution.

“Jetstar used our flight planning products to plan and execute this historic flight in the most efficient manner,” said Bill Macey, Director Product Management, Flight Planning. “We are pleased that our products made the route construction more manageable and that we had a supporting role in such a feat.”

Over the flying time of nearly twenty hours, the aircraft burned 100,118 kilograms of fuel and traveled 9,485 nautical miles (17,566 km). The aircraft was 7 kilograms below maximum fuel capacity with 109,179 kgs of total fuel on-board at push back.

Jayasundera Chandrike, Senior Dispatch Coordinator at Jetstar, remarked that “This flight took less than 30 minutes to plan, even with multiple routes to consider, and the forecast fuel and winds were spot on!”

Jetstar’s headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. Jetstar’s Australian and New Zealand based fleet comprises 59 aircraft (as at February 2011). This includes 44 Airbus A320s, 6 Airbus A321s and 9 Airbus A330-200s. They are currently the third largest airline (by domestic market share) and a Top 5 international airline by capacity share, serving international routes to and from Australia.

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