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Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) 11-5 Released

NFPNovember marked another milestone in the ongoing development of Navtech Flight Plan as version 11-5 was released to customers. Both hosted ( and server-based (in-house) customers received updates of the new release in the last week of November and the first week of December 2011.

Navtech Flight Plan 11-5 was a very significant release, incorporating several major functional developments: the new Flight Package Builder, runway specific procedures, and the User Administration Tool.

Recognizing the need for greater granularity of control over flight package contents and formats, Navtech’s flight planning development team created the Flight Package Builder module. This new module allows the user to create different package layouts, include multiple instances of flight package components, and modify the order in which components appear in a flight package. In terms of the user interface, a Flight Package Layout tab has been added to the Maintenance screen. This tab allows the user to build and manage flight package layouts that can be used in the Reports screen. The Reports screen in turn has been enhanced to allow users to select between different flight package layouts. Each layout includes a set of flight package components configured and organized to target distinct requirements.

Route generation takes a leap forward in NFP 11-5 with the introduction of runway-specific procedures. This functionality allows the user to use specific departure and arrival runways in conjunction with SIDs or STARs. NFP 11-5 also now automatically attempts to select the optimum runway for takeoff or landing based on forecasted winds.

NFP 11-5 users now have the ability to administer their own accounts using the NFP User Administration Tool. This stand-alone tool allows users to be added, modified and deleted. User credentials and roles (NFP access levels) can now be controlled by the customer rather than relying on Navtech support.

In addition to the above major new functional developments, Navtech Flight Plan 11-5 also includes several other improvements:

  • expanded number of ETP scenarios from three per policy to six
  • user-defined restricted areas
  • alerting for stations not currently in the flight list
  • weather information refreshing on demand
  • new curfews database

Many of these improvements are supported by new or modified FOMS (Flight Operations Management System) programs, which are accessible through the Maintenance screen on the user interface. These enhancements continue to position Navtech Flight Plan as an industry leading flight planning product. For more information on NFP, consult your account manager.

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