New Navtech NOTAM Surveillance Process

Navtech Aircraft Performance’s New NOTAM Surveillance Process

Old NOTAM PrinterAs Navtech continues to pioneer new technological processes for product excellence within the Aerospace community, we are proud to announce a new feature for the production of our Airport Obstacle Data.

At the beginning of 2012, the Navtech Aircraft Performance department began using new processes for managing NOTAMs, and implemented a new NOTAM system called NAVTAM.  NAVTAM is an in-house developed tool which provides a user-friendly system for customizable NOTAM reading and NOTAM management.

Before NAVTAM was implemented, the NOTAM surveillance was performed by reading the NOTAMs from a paper roll printed by a purpose-built, and somewhat archaic, NOTAM printer (seen in the picture).  This work was very time-consuming, and the process was also lacking sophisticated search and tracking functionality.

NAVTAM is a browser based software application using an Explorer tree-like structure.  The Navtech Aircraft Performance department can configure the system to filter out redundant NOTAMs, and to sort according to country of origin.  With the new tool the NOTAM reading task can be allocated throughout the team, reducing the number of NOTAMs read and evaluated by each performance engineer, and reducing the risk of human errors.  NOTAM history can be traced, and it is possible to setup reminders for NOTAM expiration making it easier to keep the Customer Airport Obstacle Databases up to date.  NAVTAM will significantly improve the quality of the Navtech Airport Obstacle Database product, and with the reduction of printed paper, we now also have a more environmentally friendly production process.

With the introduction of NAVTAM, and the new processes for managing NOTAMs, we believe that Navtech can provide the most up to date Airport Obstacle Database product on the market.  Whereas many of our competitors only update their Airport Obstacle Databases in connection to AIRAC dates, or charge separate fees for any NOTAM updates, Navtech will include surveillance service for NOTAMs affecting the customer airports.  This includes keeping track of runway shortenings, permanent/temporary obstacles, unserviceable Navaids and amended engine failure procedure tracks.  Since updated airport obstacle data is a matter of flight safety, Navtech believe that all our customer airlines will benefit from using an Airport Obstacle Database product where a sophisticated, quality assured surveillance monitoring is included in the service.

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