New Performance Processes at Hello AG

New Performance Processes at Hello AG

Motion F5v TabletHello AG was founded in 2004 and is a charter airline in Switzerland.  The company, which is based in Basel, has around 150 employees and operates a fleet of four Airbus A320 aircraft, each of which has a seating capacity of 174 passengers.  The airline provides charter flights for Swiss and foreign tour operators with destinations in Europe and North Africa.  Hello also offers wet lease services, i.e.,  flights to global destinations with a full air crew for airlines that need replacement aircraft for a short or medium term.  Hello also provides ad-hoc flights.

In the year 2010, Hello AG began utilizing Motion Computing F5v Tablet PCs equipped with Navtech Aircraft Performance software (Weight and Balance) in the flight decks of their fleet.  Prior to implementing this new solution, before each flight, Hello pilots would perform weight and balance calculations – crucial to ensuring flight safety – and download information from a database on the runways scheduled for use.  Now, the pilots are equipped with the small, robust F5v Tablet PC (which includes a handy carrying handle) updated with the latest data each morning, providing fast access to the most important items of information before, during and after the flight.

The lightweight device, which weighs a mere 1.5kgs, guides the pilots through their weight and balance safety calculations during flight preparation.  The database also provides detailed information on the conditions at the destination airport, such as the length of the runway.  This, in turn, enables the pilots to determine key data regarding weight and balance, the height needed to fly over obstacles, fuel consumption and take off speed.
The decision to use the F5v tablet PCs from Motion Computing was reached within just three months.  “The extremely robust characteristics, which have been tested in accordance with military standards, are simply ideal for us,” says Pascal Thut, Technical Pilot at Hello.  Altitude, temperature and changes in temperature, as well as, fall, vibration, dust and moisture resistance are all environmental factors under which the devices have proven themselves, even under the hardest test conditions.

Navtech worked closely with Hello to tailor the software based on the airline specific operational requirements, such as default values, touch screen and work flow settings, GUI design and technical configurations.

“The Motion F5v tablet PC is a very interesting hardware device for the cockpit environment, providing airlines with a robust and user friendly tool.  The Hello software implementation is a prime example of a Navtech delivery, where the product has been configured in close cooperation with the customer to make sure that vital operational requirements have been captured and configurations applied to meet the airline‘s expectations.  Navtech strives to deliver leading edge products that will provide optimization and user benefits for the airline by applying a significant amount of customization.  Navtech does not include what the customer does not need, but configures based on what the airline actually requires,” said Henrik Andersson, Navtech Director Product Management.

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