Partnerships for Comprehensive Crew Suite

Partnerships for Comprehensive Crew Solutions Suite

Partnership HandshakeThere are many opportunities in life to witness effective teamwork: a sports team wins their championship, scientists find a cure for a disease, and businesses accomplish a common goal to better their industry.  Navtech is the central figure of a multi-partner group with the common goal of improving crewing solutions for airlines by offering a comprehensive collection of ‘best of breed’ solutions.

Earlier this year, Navtech announced a partnership with the Institutes for Behavior Resources (IBR).  Baltimore-based IBR brings to Navtech customers a set of analysis tools for Fatigue Risk Management.  Dr.  Steven Hursh’s extensively tested SAFTE-FAST model is now the ICAO standard and works with Navtech’s Pairing Optimizer and Preferential Bidding System (PBS) to provide airlines with advanced fatigue mitigation support.  Together, the software systems provide important decision making assistance through analysis of multiple scenarios to reduce or eliminate fatigue before it compromises safety.  More information on IBR and how they are working with Navtech is explained in Fatigue Risk Management Revisited.

In 2010, Navtech began working with Atlanta-based IBS.  This partnership offers airlines a blend of Navtech’s Crew Planning products with IBS’ iFlight Crew and iFlight Operations to provide planning with day-of-operations tools for managing crews and fleets more efficiently.   The Navtech Pairing Optimizer engine produces highly optimized crew pairing options and Navtech’s Preferential Bidding System (PBS) creates flying, reserve, and training schedules from these pairings to satisfy airline and crew requirements.  IBS’ iFlight Crew is used to determine the most cost-effective use of an airlines’ crew including day-of-operations execution and disruption recovery.  The IBS iFlight Operations system supports an airline from maintenance planning through to operations control and recovery.  All systems are built to assist with improved operational decision making use of ‘what-if’ scenarios, real-time information and real-time messaging.

In addition to the planning and day-of-operation tools, Navtech also wanted to offer customer airlines and their crews greater satisfaction with each flight schedule.  The delicate balance between maximizing operational efficiency and providing the best crew work-life balance is the focus of the partnership between Navtech and eTripTrader.  eTripTrader’s Crew Companion is a schedule management and improvement system that incorporates visual trip detail on a one-page display showing all pertinent trip-trading information.  Open time, trip trade boards, criteria trades and instant contractual legality calculations are displayed on the trip match list which highlights pay and legality.  eTripTrader also offers SkedFlex as an automated and customizable shift trading solution.  SkedFlex is not only for airline crews; it can be used by other industries and both eTripTrader products help organizations realize substantial savings and provide a better work-life balance, thus improving quality of life.

Each of these technology-forward companies is working together to ensure Navtech’s crew customers are meeting their performance and cost-saving expectations, maintaining superior safety standards, and making certain that their crew are happy with their work schedules.  Please contact your Account Manager or for more information on Navtech’s Crew Planning products.

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