IATA Annual General Meeting Report

IATA Annual General Meeting Report

IATA LogoThe 68th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was hosted by Air China in Beijing June 10-12th. The AGM was attended by 800+ international delegates representing IATA’s member airlines, partners, international associations, manufacturers and suppliers. IATA had originally hosted its 1st AGM in China and so it was a pleasant return to the event’s birth place, a country which has seen a lot of growth in the aviation industry since 2002. Vice President of Global Sales, Declan Boland, and Vice President of Business Development, Quality and Flight Safety, Amir Rakha, both attended the AGM on behalf of Navtech.

The AGM meeting’s discussions focused on some difficult topics such as the global economy, high but softening oil prices, the Eurozone crisis, sustainability including the replacement of oil as the fuel of choice, involvement of Government in aviation including taxation and the instability of our industry’s profitability. There were some bright spots as well including panels held to discuss the future of airline distribution, social media, the commercialization of bio-fuels, and the value of aviation, specifically to the world’s economy.

One particular statement that was made by IATA best sums up the value and the future of our industry, “Three kilometers of rail bring you downtown. Three kilometers of runway bring you the world.”

Link to the online photo gallery http://www.flickr.com/photos/iataorg/sets/72157630023143269/with/7360738766/.

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