Navtech iCharts Update

Navtech iCharts Update

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Navtech announced the availability of the newest version of Navtech iCharts, now supporting iOS5, in late April! This latest version of Navtech iCharts addresses several issues found with the introduction of the Apple iOS5 operating system on the iPad. The update includes fixes and enhancements both to the app itself as well as the Customer Administration Interface portal. The app can be downloaded by entering “Navtech iCharts” in the search box in iTunes while browsing the App Store. Information and a link to download from iTunes can also be found at

Navtech iCharts allows customers to view their Navtech Charts manual on the iPad, effectively enabling use of the iPad as an EFB. The app is a fully-functional chart viewing application, allowing pilots to organize their charts for most effective use, quickly and easily find and browse through charts, and even store and view company documents uploaded to the Customer Administration Interface (CAI) portal. Another release is planned for July 2012, to be followed by a third release in Fall 2012 to address any issues that might affect the app due to iOS6.

Customers interested in iCharts should download the app from the iTunes App Store. Once downloaded, the app comes with an available “Demo” mode that is fully functional allowing an evaluation of the application’s capability. For current Navtech Charts customers interested in gaining access to their manual on the iPad, please have your charting administrator contact your Navtech Account Manager. 


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