Navtech Flight Plan Update


Navtech Flight Plan Update

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Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) users recently received another successful, no-cost upgrade. This upgrade, known as NFP release 12-1, included many new features designed to improve the systems capabilities and user experience. 

Most notably, release 12-1 introduced automated flight planning, which allows users to “schedule” events that would normally require user action to complete. Some of the events that NFP users can schedule include automatic computations of flight plans based on the latest information received from various sub-systems (such as reservations systems, crew systems, and maintenance systems), creation and transmission of flight briefing documents, and automatic filing of ATC flight plans. Automation presents opportunities and options to NFP customers to increase their users’ productivity during flight planning. Those customers interested in leveraging automated flight planning in their operations should contact their Account Manager for more information.

NFP release 12-1 also includes improvements to the Permit module, in addition to automation. This module has all of the same capabilities as Dispatch Express along with design improvements to increase the overall usability of the tool.  For more information, NFP customers should contact their Account Manager.

As always, we are not resting on our past successes and so we continue to work on improving NFP for our valued customers. In our next version, due out in the fall, we will be introducing many improvements including the ability to process GRIB 2 formatted wind data, which will result in the system being able to utilize wind models with increased granularity in terms of grid size and temporality. In addition to GRIB 2 capabilities, release 12-3 will also allow NFP users to overlay terrain data on the NFP map. Finally, release 12-3 will include improved escape route calculations by determining routes from interim points along each route leg.

Navtech customers that have installed Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) on local servers can now manage their own users without the need to call Navtech Support. Using the tool, airlines will be able to add new users, modify existing users, and remove users when necessary. Allowing airlines to manage their own users is part of our long-term vision of giving NFP customers as much control of the system as possible. Airlines interested in utilizing the User Admin Tool must designate key personnel to perform the role of administrator – Navtech support, upon notification from the airlines account representative, will modify these users’ profiles. Once key personnel have access to the tool, they can then manage their user community. For more information, NFP customers should contact their Account Manager.


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