Navtech Helps EuroAtlantic


Navtech Helps EuroAtlantic Move Towards Paperless Cockpit

EuroAtlantic Cockpit

When you combine “Inspiring Aviation” and “Anytime, Anywhere,” the corporate mottos of Navtech and euroAtlantic airways, the possibilities sound infinite. In May 2012, both companies committed to the paperless cockpit movement with a new multi-year contract. Navtech will provision aeronautical electronic charts for the iPad, Navtech iCharts, to euroAtlantic airways’ entire Boeing fleet. “We are prepared to work with them and develop a unique solution to fit their needs for their worldwide operation,” said Ashley Heard, European Sales Director at Navtech. “They have a 24/7 operational requirement and we are happy to provide a solution using Navtech iCharts which fits the requirement both commercially and operationally.”  

The international, non-scheduled Portuguese airline, who will celebrate their 20th year of operation in 2013, leases their aircraft to fly among the most diverse routes in the North Atlantic, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, Pacific, Australia, and Oceania. EuroAtlantic airways became a Navtech customer in December 2011, subscribing to GE US and Honeywell FMS navigation data for their fleet. The growing confidence from euroAtlantic with their 2nd signing for Navtech iCharts demonstrates to the aviation community the strength of Navtech’s offerings, especially the demand for our EFB solutions. “I am proud that our company has been at 166 different countries around the world and has operated 565 different airports. We are only missing 30 countries to complete the entire world,” said euroAtlantic airways CEO Tomaz Metello. “The EFB project is a new step towards the future.”

Navtech iCharts is an application that brings Navtech electronic charts to your iPad. This allows the iPad to be used as a Class 1 EFB, or with regulatory and operational approval, as a Class 2 Type B device. Navtech has worked with customers to achieve operational approval of the iPad as a Class 2 device. Navtech’s family of state-of-the-art aeronautical charts products have been developed using research from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working closely with, pilots having years of experience using aeronautical charts. Each chart includes enhanced symbology and communication features. Navtech’s original electronic chart viewing application, Navtech eCharts, has been used by Navtech’s customers for ten years. Continued product enhancements will complete the infrastructure for Navtech to easily support all Classes of EFB and all devices from tablets to installed avionics.


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