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Navtech Advisory Group Meeting

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Message from the President and CEO

Hulley PicDear Trim Tabs readers,

We all know the saying ‘records are meant to be broken' and Felix Baumgartner certainly succeeded with a new World Record for the first man to break the speed of sound in freefall on October 14, 2012.  That was a special day for the aerospace industry for sure.  With his project 4 years in the making and a 128,000 foot jump completed, many people were committed to his safe return and the chance to be a part of a great accomplishment. 

I feel our Navtech teams are constantly preparing for great accomplishments in all facets of our business.  Earlier this year we were granted the AS9100 quality standard for our Waterloo, Canada office which set the tone for quality expectations amid aviation suppliers.  We were granted the Omond Solandt Award for excellence in operational research for our work with the University of Waterloo ; a joint venture that applied complex mathematical and modeling techniques to compare crew pairing solutions.  Also, we've spent the last quarter conducting in-person meetings with our Navtech Advisory Group and Navtech Charts Council customer representatives to further develop our goal of customer intimacy.  These meetings strengthen our offerings and align our product road maps with the needs of our customers.

I believe 2013 will be a great year for Navtech.  We are anticipating great interactions with our customers and partners at industry events throughout the year and we have exciting product and production developments to launch and share with you.  In the meantime I want to express gratitude to Navtech's worldwide staff, our partners, and to our loyal customers for your commitment to excellence and for making this a great year!

Mike Hulley
President and CEO, Navtech

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