Navtech Charts deployment for Cathay Pacific Airways

Navtech Charts deployment for Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific logoIn February 2012, Navtech announced Cathay Pacific Airways, as well as sister airlines Dragonair and all-cargo carrier Air Hong Kong, as new Navtech Charts customers.  Cathay, an existing charts supplements customer, signed a multi-year contract which initiated the detailed process of deploying Navtech's Charts across all fleets. By mid-July, a Navtech team travelled to Hong Kong to launch the contracted paper Charts services and provided on-site support.  The feedback was that the implementation to all three Cathay fleets was smooth and that their pilots' response to the new Charts features and improvements in the specification was generally extremely positive.

A second and very important part of the relationship expansion was that Cathay and Navtech began a joint development project for the next generation of Windows-based Navtech eCharts, with a project named "eCharts 2.0."  As part of the product development strategy for electronic charts, Navtech is working closely with Cathay to co-develop Navtech eCharts 2.0, with expectation that Cathay will begin the operations approval process in 2Q13 and that the new product will be available to all customers by late 2013.  Requirements for the product focused on the following areas:  a human interface design approach; minimal and intuitive prompts, controls, and feedback mechanisms; optimal readability; and, application stability with speed. 

The new eCharts format and design will appeal to pilots, because it is designed with pilot input, and aspires to reduce workload and training time. Cathay plans to deploy eCharts 2.0 on DAC devices in the cockpit as part of their enterprise e-Enabled Aircraft project.

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