2012 Crew Focus Group

2012 Crew Focus Group

Crew focus

The 2012 Crew Focus Group was held in Navtech's Waterloo, Canada office from October 2-3rd. The event brought over 40 representatives from our partner airlines to discuss Navtech's crewing products and hear news on some of our crew partnerships.

Navtech has in-person meetings and calls with customers on a regular basis, however, this focus group is the most popular crew event of the year as it gives participants a forum to interact and network with each other. Customers also get a chance to meet with Navtech's Development and Management teams. Navtech appreciates the opportunity to present its plans for future crew development and for customers to provide immediate feedback. Navtech also gets an opportunity to learn more about its customers' day-to-day operations and see how they envision their future and how Navtech can continue to be an integral part of that future.  Rob Mora, Navtech's Director of Crew Product Management explains further, "One of Navtech's strengths is our focus on the customer. We try and build great relationships with all of our customers and we love hearing what they have to say. We understand that needs can change and we want our product to change in the right way to fulfill their needs."

Focus Group highlights:

  • A review of Navtech's partnership with the University of Waterloo and the work completed on the Pairing Optimizer project.
  • A review of the 2013 roadmap for Navtech Pairing Optimizer and Navtech PBS.
  • A review of Navtech's partnership with eTripTrader and a live demonstration of their products
  • A review of Navtech's partnership with Institutes for Behavioral Resources (IBR) and the integration of IBR's Fatigue Risk Management Solutions (FMRS) with Navtech Pairing Optimizer and Navtech PBS
  • A review of FAA FAR 117 and its implementation with the Navtech Pairing Optimizer and Navtech PBS

For more information on Navtech's Crew products please contact Navtech Sales navtechsales@navtech.aero or Navtech's Crew Product Director Rob Mora.

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