What's New With TODC?

What's New With TODC?

TODCNavtech continues to further pioneer new technological processes to ensure performance product excellence, and we are proud to announce a new leading edge application platform for our TODC software offering. At the completion of an extensive development effort, the Navtech Aircraft Performance department has now begun using new tools and processes for the production of its suite of performance software, all managed in the completely re-worked system architecture. The new in-house developed production platform brings:

  • - A completely refreshed and new HTML5 interface to run in both connected and offline modes (also supports tablets in connected mode)
  • - Added features and automation including reporting tools
  • - Improved Software QA process and reduced implementation times
  • - Enhanced support for mixed fleet setup
  • - Improved automation and information management

The Next Generation TODC platform significantly improves the user experience, and we believe that it will provide the platform required to best position the product in line with the marketplace requirements, including new tablet hardware, EFB integrations, and ACARS infrastructure. The first customer installation is scheduled for end of October, and the platform will initially be used for new customer implementations, then upgrades of legacy installations.

In connection with the introduction of the Next Gen TODC platform, Navtech has also redefined the product branding, resulting in the following product names:

  • - Navtech TODC : The Navtech performance software suite
  • - Navtech W&B: The Navtech Weight (Mass) & Balance software
  • - Navtech AODB: The Navtech Airport Obstacle Database product
  • - Navtech Escape Routes: The Navtech Drift Down & Decompression products

For more information about Navtech's Aircraft Performance products please contact our Sales Team navtechsales@navtech.aero or Navtech's Aircraft Performance Product Director Henrik Andersson

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