Navtech Charts Council Meeting

Navtech Charts Council Meeting

Charts iconNavtech hosted an in-person meeting of the Navtech Charts Council in Stockholm, Sweden on September 20-21, 2012.  Six of twelve of the groups' members were able to attend, as well as Navtech staff and one industry guest. Navtech's Charts products were discussed in detail. 

Ms. Lee Granger, VP of Product Management for Navtech welcomed the group and presented an update on Navtech eCharts and Navtech iCharts product developments and roadmaps.  This spurred discussions on online self-briefing tools and QRC (Quick Reference Charts).  Council members also inquired about support for older platforms as Navtech "eCharts 2.0" is launched.  Mr. Henrik Andersson, Navtech's Product Director for Aircraft Performance then gave a briefing on his suite of products and their integrations with Navtech Charts.

Chart specifications and charts quality, and the relative preferences of the Charts Council members consumed the greater part of the discussions during the meeting.  Navtech has always encouraged feedback and enhances specification details when possible, in an effort to improve the user experience and increase flight safety.  The Charts Council invited Mr. Knut Aabö of Aviobook to speak and give an update on his company's work in the EFB market.  Mr. Aabö noted that more US carriers are engaging in an EFB project; hardware classifications are changing to a more functional approach; operators are requesting more applications; and, systems are becoming more streamlined.

The Navtech Charts Council will meet twice in 2013 with one meeting format planned as in-person. Complementary Navtech products to Charts, like Aircraft Performance and Navigation Data, will send their Product Directors and/or Production staff to future meetings to enhance the discussions, as per the request of the Council members.

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