Navtech Gives Back

Navtech Gives Back

Navtech and its employees have a long history of giving back to the local community. Over the years, Navtech has had many events to raise money and goods for various causes. One event that garners a lot of interest is the yearly drive to raise money and food for the local food bank of Waterloo Canada Region, where our North American office is located. According to their website, "The Food Bank of Waterloo Region obtains and distributes approximately 3 million pounds of emergency food each year." This year, thanks to the organization of a few and the generosity of all, Navtech contributed even more this year.

The office was split into two sides East vs. West, and battled to see who could bring in the most donations. When it was all over the winner was the Food Bank, as Navtech raised over $2000 CAD in cash along with 116kg (225lbs) of rice and over 300 cans of food.  Andrea Cole, one of the event organizers adds, "We donated the most food ever by Navtech."  It all ended with a silent auction, and the two winners got the honor of throwing a pie in an executive's face.  Everyone got in the spirit of helping those in need.

Food Drive

On Saturday 8th September a team from the Navtech Hersham Office took part in a 19 km (12 mile) walk through the night, wearing pyjamas to raise funds for the local hospice. The reason for the walk was in memory of colleague Laszlo Fodor who sadly passed away last summer and was cared for by the hospice.

In total the team raised £900 ($1500 USD); employees of Navtech raised approximately £400 and Navtech kindly matched the sum. When the donation was taken to the hospice they were so very grateful.

Hospice Walk 


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