Navtech Flight Plan Update

Navtech Flight Plan Update

NFPIn September of this year, Navtech provided an updated version of NFP to all flight planning customers. NFP 12-3 offers many exciting improvements to the flight planning product line which will improve the user experience greatly.  Some of the highlights of the release are detailed below. We hope you find the new features to be useful in helping to manage your operation in a safe and economic manner.

The method for creating escape routes (both oxygen and driftdown) has been improved in NFP 12-3. Instead of having escape routes originate from a fix along the route of flight, the system now breaks up route legs into smaller segments.  These segments are 50 nautical miles by default but configurable upon request and are used when the MORA necessitates escape routes from each interim point, as necessary. These customizations greatly enhance the ability to navigate the aircraft around difficult terrain.

With the NFP 12-3 release, the user can now select an option to display terrain on the map. The Terrain checkbox can be found on the flyout that opens after clicking on the Map button. When the terrain display is selected, the users can right-click anywhere on the map, and the elevation (in feet) will be displayed.

The Airspace layer on the map now includes a Waypoints option. Enroute waypoints as well as NDB, Terminal and VOR NAVAIDs can be displayed. It is now possible to view both oxygen and driftdown escape routes on the Map by clicking on the Flight button and selecting the Oxygen and Driftdown checkboxes.

NFP now allows the user to specify requested/minimum/maximum flight levels on STAR transition points. In addition, profiled SIDs and STARs no longer show flight levels on the NFP Route screen. Instead, flight level ranges are automatically adhered to, just like the enroute portion of the flight. The reason for this removal of flight level information is the recent change to SID/STAR data to use flight level ranges as opposed to singular requested flight levels, more accurately reflecting the 424 navigation data source specification. Users may now override the requested flight levels on SIDs and STARs in the exact same way as the rest of the route.

For more information on Navtech Flight Plan please contact Navtech Sales or Navtech's Flight Planning Product Director Bill Macey.

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