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Navtech Flight Guides give world-wide coverage for aerodrome charts, enroute charts and aeronautical data supplements. Navtech Flight Guides subscriptions are available as a standard e-solution, Navtech eCharts (for Windows operating systems) or Navtech iCharts (for Apple iPad). Paper Flight Guides are available for an additional charge.

Navtech eCharts will be provided to subscribers via a secure, password protected FTP download. Navtech iCharts will be provided to subscribers via application download from Apple iTunes, followed by an authorization email to download subscribed manuals. Exception: Navtech iCharts Enroute is currently not available electronically. Therefore, appropriate paper enroute charts will be included with a Navtech iCharts electronic subscription.

Flight Guide Content: Navtech Flight Guides are offered in regional packages as the table below shows. Also included in the subscription are the aerodrome operating minima and a separate Flight Information Supplement contains the specification, rules of the air, ATC and ICAO regulations, sunrise & sunset tables and other miscellaneous information. Weather minima are computed in accordance with EU-OPS regulations. Every seven days, subscribers to the electronic versions will receive amendments together with bulletins containing outstanding changes and other items of a temporary nature selected from the International Class 1 NOTAM system. All bulletins are also updated and published on this website. Print version subscribers will receive the above amendments and bulletins every 14 days.

Flight Guides Order Form - click to download; if your browser does not open the Flight Guides Order Form right click the link and "Save Link As...", save the file and open using your pdf reader.

*Manual Content files in table below updated May 2, 2013.

FG1-2 UK Ireland & Northern Europe

FG3-4 Scandinavia, Greenland & Iceland

FG5-7 Azores, Iberia & France FG8-9 Benelux & Germany 
FG10 Austria, Switzerland, Italy & MaltaFG11-12 Poland, Urals & Southeast Europe FG13 Russia, NM Pacific, China & JapanFG14 Mid East, Turkey, Iran, Gulf & Arabia
FG15 Afghanistan, SE Asia & PacificFG16 Indonesia, Australia & New ZealandFG17 Africa North, Canaries & MadeiraFG18 Africa Central
FG19 Africa SouthFG20 Alaska & CanadaFG21-22 USA, Bermuda & HawaiiFG23 Central America & Caribbean
FG24 South America   


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