Navtech Initiates Advisory Group

Our primary corporate strategy is to develop meaningful long-term relationships with customers and partners. With this in mind we have formed the Navtech Advisory Group made up of select customer and partner representatives. This group met for the first time May 20th, 2010 with Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) as a topic of interest.


  • Captain Russell Davie, Flight Operations GM, Cathay Pacific
  • Captain Bjorn Granviken, V.P. Flight Operations, Scandinavian Airlines Systems
  • Hilary King, Navigation & Guidance, GE Aviation
  • Peter Lewis, V.P. TSS Operations, Universal Weather
  • Captain Ole Christian Melhus, Deputy Director Flight Operations, Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Sasha Miokovic, Head of Dispatch, Jetstar Airways
  • Daniel Pendergast, Sr. Director Airline Programs, ARINC
  • Captain Jari Pöntinen, Manager Regulations & Standards, Finnair
  • Stephen Riley, Director Flight Operations, British Airways
  • Bob Weatherly, SVP Operations, Virgin America

Navtech Advisory Group Charter

The purpose of the Navtech Advisory Group is to provide access to a forum of high-profile customers/partners in order:

  • to provide a forum for exchange of ideas
  • to provide open discussion to stimulate innovation and collaboration
  • to build long-term and lasting relationships with customers whose importance is vital to Navtech
  • for the forum to provide strategic, functional and other input to Navtech’s long-term product planning process
  • to assist Navtech in gathering input for Navtech’s on-going environmental/competitive analysis, and provide feedback on Navtech’s analysis

The Group will meet quarterly going forward to discuss areas of strategic interest and provide guidance to Navtech.

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