Desktop PBS Bidder

desktop bidder

Desktop PBS Bidder is a Windows-based application that integrates with the Web PBS Bidder. With the desktop version bidders do not need an Internet connection to work on their bids. 

The Desktop Bidder has the same Calendar and Reason Report features as the Web version. Once bidding closes, crewmembers can log into either version to view their calendar and awarded pairings. 

Desktop PBS Bidder features:

  • Bid Analyzer Tool that shows bidders how a bid affects the available pairing pool
  • One-click bidding to make bidding easier
  • A list of pairings in the current bid period based on a crewmember's category; crewmembers can search through this list using multiple filters
  • An interactive schedule that shows their complete schedule, including vacation, absences and training
  • A detailed Reasons Report that shows crewmembers their awarded schedule; every bid preference entered—up to the awarded schedule—receives a reason why the bid was honored or not honored

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