NFP 12-1 Incorporates Flight Plan Automation

NFP 12-1 Release Incorporates Flight Plan Automation

NFP 12-1In the current airline business climate, dispatch operations centers are being asked to schedule, plan and execute increasingly larger volumes of flights with fewer dispatchers than ever before.  As a result, airlines are requiring that their flight planning system must interface with third-party flight schedule management software so that scheduled flight information can automatically be seeded for flight creation and updating.  Ultimately, the goal of third-party schedule integration is to accept as much flight schedule information as necessary to automatically create, plan and fulfill the requirements for the majority of a carrier’s flights.

Navtech Flight Plan’s (NFP) next release will provide for more automation and better interfacing capabilities with third-part flight schedule management software.  NFP 12-1 allows users to automate routine activities such as computing the flight plan, sending the flight package, filing the flight plan with ATC, and some additional automated actions. Supporting automated actions will allow users to be more efficient and increase overall productivity, while at the same time improve overall situational awareness of the flight planner.  As an example, one possible use of the automation might be for the flight planner to review all of the pertinent details all of the flights they will be planning and then set each flight to compute and save at time closer to departure time. As flights are automatically computed, the planner would review the output and send/release the flight papers to the crew.  The deliverables in this release are the prerequisite for further advancements to be made in automation in future releases.

In addition to automation capabilities, NFP 12-1 also introduces the final phase of the permits module, making it possible for all DispatchPro permit module users to transfer to NFP without losing functionality in the ability to maintain permits.  Multi ALC support and improved report filtering are just a few of the improvements that will be introduced to the permits module in version 12-1.

The map in NFP continues to be upgraded and NFP 12-1 will introduce the color-coding of airports based on weather conditions.  This will improve situational awareness for the flight planner and is the precursor/pre-requisite for adding airport minima data to NFP in future releases.

Finally, we have been working hard to improve the accuracy of the flight plan computations around the airports by improving our data related to departure and arrival procedures.  In NFP12-1, we have updated our database structures to allow the system to process and utilize more details related to SIDS and STARS.

Navtech provides regular software updates to all of its existing flight plan customers on a regular basis and at no additional charge.  Please contact your Account Manager or for more information on Navtech Flight Plan 12-1.

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