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Navtech has entered into partnership with aircraft manufacturer BAE Systems Regional Aircraft to provide performance software, RTOW charts and airport data to operators of the BAE Systems aircraft types. The partnership facilitates the availability of advanced, customized and user-friendly performance software for operators of BAe, RJ, Jetstream and ATP aircraft.
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Fokker Services, in collaboration with Navtech, is providing aviation%u2019s first affordable hardware and mounting solution for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technology designed for the Apple iPad. Navtech also partners with Fokker to access to Fokker%u2019s aircraft manufacturer SCAP data for use in our TODC product. This facilitates the provision of advanced, customized and user-friendly performance software to our customers operating the Fokker aircraft types.
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The Navtech - IBR SAFTE-FAST fatigue assessment system for FRMS can help an airline identify and develop their ideal balance between airline efficiency and a fully rested aircrew. An approved FRMS, supported by modeling and empirical data, can be used to justify exceptions to specific flight and duty time limitations, which can increase operational flexibility. Together with Navtech's Crew Planning system, or as a standalone system, the IBR SAFTE-FAST FRMS modeling tool allows users to compare multiple scenarios and analyze them for fatigue.  The interactive interface tool highlights potential fatigue factors for proactive mitigation.
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